Monday, October 5, 2015

a good weekend

We ended up having a good weekend. On paper and as we were going through it, it probably doesn't seem that way. We didn't do any fall-themed activities and we spent a lot of time at home - but there were such fun moments involved through the 2 days.

Our babysitter moved this weekend and the person she planned to watch her kids wasn't able to last-minute, so she asked me if we could swap care Sat/Mon.  After talking with J who agreed to help out, we said yes. So, we had the 4 boys with us from 9-2 which ended up being mostly lots of fun. It was a typical fall-weather day, so they had some fun playing outside running around doing "bumper cars" in the cul-de-sac with their play ride-in cars. They had fun with the sand box and the swing set, etc. J got our 2 boys to nap at 1:00 and I hung out with the other 2 until their mom could pick them up. Then after naps the 4 of us went to Home Depot to check out flooring options (we're looking at vinyl interlocking planks made to be like hardwood throughout the the kitchen, living room, and hall way) - then we stopped at Kohls to check out rings for me since J wants to be sweet for "Sweetest Day". We're looking for an opal to represent the boys' October birthstone. On Sunday I was still dealing with my cold and we decided not to go to church (not the greatest choice) - but instead we ended up doing some major organization projects - mainly, getting that back bedroom cleared out and at least unburied the elliptical machine so that at least theoretically we can exercise daily again. It felt good, but it was a LOT of work - and we're far from done. While I was working on that room, J was making pork loin on the smoker (YUM!) and oven-roasted squash for dinner. The boys "helped me" - but mainly had a bunch of fun pretending the elliptical machine was an airplane, with one boy on each of the foot-plates. Then they found a pile of plastic cups that I'd stashed in the room - for some reason they found it HILARIOUS to throw the cups back and forth at each other and at J. I loved listening to their laughter. Grandma & Grandpa came over to have dinner late after the football game they were watching and the boys loved playing with them too - and that was a good distraction that allowed me to keep working on that room until bedtime.

As for the weight loss thing - well, I was convinced that I'd see a big drop this weekend, but didn't - the number on the scale stayed the same and I have to admit this was a big bummer. But I'm dedicated to this new way of eating and intend to add at least a bit of exercise and so I know that the weight will eventually come off - scientifically (calories in-calories out), it HAS to!  Just gotta persevere and be patient.