Friday, August 1, 2014

these fast-moving days

Went to the park near our house yesterday with Jan & the boys. As usual, they both took their shoes & socks off during the short drive to the park. I'm really looking forward to having that phase be a part of the past!

Keeping in mind what I've read about the possible routes of obesity inheritance, I decided to challenge G to run the bases with me. And he did!  We had lots of fun running (really, me jogging slowly, but he was doing his little run behind me) from base to base, jumping on each base when we got to it.  He laughed and had fun - and I kept hoping that maybe this kind of thing will activate a love of being active rather than sedentary.

A man with a remote-controlled airplane came to the park and the boys were enthralled, watching the plane swoop around through the air and down to land near his feet.

We also watched a couple playing tennis and they threw a couple of tennis balls over the fence to us so the boys could play with them. And wow, does W have an arm!  He's able to do overhand throwing of a tennis ball with seemingly very little effort.

Then after we came home & had dinner, I decided to test their ability/desire to "pretend play". I asked them if they wanted to "feed their baby". And they did!  We have a baby doll inherited from my sister and I got out 2 of their spoons and bowls - and both of them had lots of fun feeding the baby. And it was so cute!

They're both great with puzzles already, but G especially so. W gets frustrated when the piece needs to be "twisted/turned around" to fit and he gives up pretty quickly. G seems to have a natural talent with getting the pieces in correctly.

I'm so proud of these boys!

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