Monday, July 21, 2014

Diapers & Duct Tape

G has apparently decided that he does not like to wear diapers in the crib. One afternoon last week he took off his diaper during nap time & got poop all over everything in the crib. Then he did it again on Saturday and again yesterday. We used duct tape after yesterday's incident and that worked to keep his diaper on. But I didn't use it at nighttime and when I checked on them before I went to sleep last night, lo & behold, he was diaperless again. So, I put a new diaper on while he slept and didn't think that using duct tape was necessary at that point. But I was wrong! This morning they slept in late and weren't awake before I left for work. But I peeked in on them before I left - and G was sleeping with his bottom in the air, no diaper once again. Amazing. I wonder what it means. He doesn't like the feeling of a diaper? Likes being naked? Thinks our reaction is somehow amusing? And least likely - could he be ready to start potty training? They turn only 21 months this week.

If anyone reading this has any advice at all, please leave a comment because I have no idea what we should do at this point!

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