Wednesday, July 16, 2014

over 3 months have passed - how did that happen?

I want to get back to writing regularly. I need to keep a better record of the boys' "firsts" than just hopefully-later-organized/collated information from emails and facebook updates. So, I'll be regularly writing here again.

Just random thoughts to quickly start off:

Yesterday I came home from work and the boys were having snack time in their high chairs and the moment I walked into the kitchen, W was practically jumping out of his chair with his arms open wide and a huge smile on his face - he couldn't wait to give me a hug. It was such an awesome moment.

A not-so-awesome moment was realizing that I absolutely could. not. find. their shoes. Despite the fact that we now have a backup pair, so we should actually have 3 pairs of size 6 shoes floating around the house. So, because I was determined to take them to the "indoor backyard" to run around freely with other kids, and obviously they have to have shoes, I quickly drove to Target to get yet another pair. Grandma & I then took them to go have lots of fun. And it was - G loved climbing up, around, and sliding down the big "climber thing" (what do I call this?) and W spent most of the time focusing on the bean/pea-filled "sandbox", filling up his buckets and pouring from his scoops. I met another mom who had a little boy just a couple months older who was also playing in the room with W. It was nice to chat. I love seeing the boys get to run around and experience life with other little kids. Even when those interactions stress them out - W is very possessive of the things he's playing with (understandably so!) and so when the other little boy took his bucket he was very upset. G is extremely laid back and in most cases will surrender his toy to his brother or to whomever else wants it. I'm pretty sure his behavior is in the minority for 20 month olds. Not that I mind!

This evening I'm planning to try out one of the little activities I found on a website

I'm going to stick dry spaghetti noodles in the play dough we made this week and give them Cheerios to thread through them. Hopefully they'll have fun and won't be frustrated!

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