Friday, July 18, 2014

Every morning...what a blessing

When even a "really amazing thing" is a daily occurrence, it becomes part of our routine and we risk missing out on the wonderment and enjoyment of that thing.

My "really amazing thing": Getting to enter the boys' room every morning to two little faces that can't wait to see me. Whether they're happy or cranky, W & G are there waiting for me and want me to pick them up. I feel so loved. It's such a privilege to be the one they need, the one who changes their diapers and brings them in for breakfast in their jammies.

Today, I'm thinking about how it won't always be this way. Someday, of course, they'll be adults and living somewhere else. But even much sooner than that, they'll be too big for cribs and will likely walk right out their door when they wake up, in search of me or their dad. Hopefully I'll love that routine just as much. I think I'll miss these days when they're gone, though.

The push and pull of raising little ones...the whole point of parenting is to raise them into adults who will eventually not need you anymore. But I enjoy being the one to meet their needs. As much as I will enjoy their milestones of more and more independence throughout their childhood and will be proud of their steps along the way to adulthood, I'm really truly going to miss the "20 month old" time. These are sweet, sweet days.

Grandma & I took them to the park yesterday after work. It's been such strange weather for mid-July in the Midwest, with a high of 75 degrees and low humidity!  We took their sand toys along and throughout the evening they ran along the park's paths, jumped on the bases in the baseball diamond, climbed the playground equipment, went down the slides, and interacted with new little kids.  Because Grandma was there, we could switch off following one or the other of the boys and we all had a great time. It's funny - they really don't have much of a need to be near one another when we're in public and I think that's really healthy. At least I hope so. I want them to be close friends, but I also really want them to not be "needy/clingy" with each other as twins. It's good for them to have different interests and enjoy other kids.

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