Tuesday, August 19, 2014


W absolutely insists on having the orange cup, the orange bowl, the orange fork, and the orange baseball bat. It's really pretty funny.

We continue with duct-taping their diapers at night and bedtime, because they keep trying to take them off before they go to sleep. I really don't like doing that, though, because they sometimes end up with bits of adhesive on their hips. I take it off with baby oil, but I still don't like it.

I've never mastered rinsing their shampooed hair during bathtime without getting water in their eyes and so I asked J to install a hand held sprayer attachment. I used it for the first time last night. I gave the boys a bath one at a time instead of our typical "both boys at once". G was wary of the sprayer at first, but after I let him touch it, hold it, and have it spray on his hand and his tummy, he was OK with using it on his head. And it worked great - no water in his eyes at all. W, on the other hand, wasn't as accepting of this new addition to bathtime and still struggled with getting his hair rinsed, even though the sprayer wasn't getting water in his eyes. Hopefully that will go away in time.

Still struggling against Grandpa wanting to give the boys (especially G) food when they're upset/crying and this is usually crackers & cheese spread or even on Sunday afternoon, he asked if he could give them ranch chip dip. I couldn't believe he'd even think that was an option. One of my biggest priorities is preventing eating/food/obesity issues for these boys. I don't want to go overboard and cause eating disorders/obsessions, but I really don't want them to struggle with being overweight or using food to manage their emotions. Childhood obesity is such a big problem and I'm always trying to learn everything I can about the best way to prevent it. Everything seems to say that it's at age 2 where you need to start being concerned about it and so if G's BMI at the 24 month well visit with the doctor is overweight/obese, I'm going to seek an appointment/advice from a dietician.


  1. It's such an ingrained thing for people to give kids food to soothe them. I think we get in the habit because a crying baby is often hungry and a bottle/nursing will "fix" it. But yeah, I truly wish my mother hadn't kept giving me food as a comfort! Still a habit. It's kind of ingrained in kids too. I had a toddler son who would cry for a sandwich whenever he was upset, lol. It's a good idea to teach them to understand hunger vs other needs, and give them what they really need.

    1. Lyn,
      Thank you for your perspective! I've read (and been inspired by) your blog for years now and really appreciate your input. My current issue is dealing with grandparents who resist getting on board with me about NOT giving them potato chips & dip. Very difficult!