Wednesday, September 3, 2014

don't want to miss a thing

So many new things happen with these boys seemingly daily.  Yet I struggle to take the time just to even jot down bullet points. I'm not going to get complacent!

Yesterday G was showing more playfulness than usual. W was wearing his orange bowl on his head and G kept trying to push it off, take it, and laugh. W wasn't really feeling the humor of the situation though!

Also, while G has for a long while been saying "Bye bye" (often with a hand gesture right in my face to make sure that I understand he wants to get out of the house), W hasn't yet said anything like this.  Well, out of the blue yesterday evening, he was driving their doll stroller down the hallway and called out to me, "Bye!".  He's got such a cute little voice.

I was playing with the boys outside on Monday evening and they wanted to use their play lawnmower. Well, they both "started it up" by flinging their arm away from the lawnmower, just like daddy does (we've got a push-mower that starts up this way).  It's really a big reminder that they are watching everything we do. Big responsibility to be good examples for them!

I was so angry with Grandpa last night, because J shared with me that Grandpa had been giving potato chips (with dip!) to G.  This is after I've told him not to and explained exactly why (we have obesity running in both families and potato chips provide zero nutritional value and are loaded with fat and salt). He'd previously agreed not to - so finding out that he's still doing it made me livid.  So we talked again last night about this and he agreed (again) not to give it to him. Part of the problem is that Grandpa himself loves potato chips and apparently struggles not to eat them in front of the boys - and then the boys beg for some. Grandma's solution was "maybe go into another room to eat chips".  It's not my place to tell him what to eat/not to eat, but my solution would be just don't buy chips in the first place - or keep them at your house so that you're not tempted to eat them at ours.  Augh.

Julie's purchased flash cards to use with the boys during their mornings together - I'm so happy with her drive to be productive with them and it's great that they enjoy being with her. Even though they were doing great with J in the mornings, I think we're all better off with Julie caring for them during that time instead.

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