Thursday, September 24, 2015

Calorie Counting Day 2

So, yesterday's tracker:

large egg 72
2 T cheese  52
breakfast thins  100
10 T coffee creamer 350
16 oz cantalope  155
lasagna  360
cheese stick 80
2 triscuits  40
large apple 116
2 cheese sticks + 4 triscuits = 240
1 thin slice deli roast beef = 20
TOTAL:  1585 calories

Changes for today: Well, I had to estimate the coffee creamer yesterday, because J didn't measure it and I wanted to overestimate rather than underestimate. I asked him to measure it this morning and he's got 7 tablespoons in my pot of coffee that I drink throughout the day. So, that saves some calories. I will likely try to have a "real meal" for dinner today - yesterday I was on-the-go because I was meeting a photographer at the park/playground for some photos of the boys with their cousin. They had scrambled eggs and toast while I was running around getting ready to go and then rather than risk myself getting too hungry by the end of the photos and then bingeing/making bad choices when I got home/got the boys to bed, I grabbed triscuits and cheese sticks to eat in the car. Then after the boys went to bed I had a large apple (measured on my food scale at 224 g). Plus a very thin slice of roast beef while I was getting the boys' sandwiches made for today's lunch.  All in all, not bad. 

Scale this morning reads 205.0 and I'll take it!

About the boys - we had a good time at the park/playground that we haven't visited before - it had a firetruck play structure and all 3 boys loved it. The amateur photographer had her hands full trying to get them to take any pictures because they were on the go - go - go, but hopefully we got some good ones. It was just a mini-session, less than an hour, for $30 to get the CD with printing rights. It might not be any better quality than what I would do myself, but this way we potentially will have some photos of me with the boys. We'll see. G's doing so very well with staying dry all night long. Not even 3 and he never wears a diaper - insists on wearing underwear to bed instead and he stays dry. Also doesn't have to wake up in the night to go to the bathroom. W is much more on the normal side for his age - he is staying dry during daytime naps, but then needs a diaper at night which I'm OK with - it's totally normal. I'm just so excited that they're completely potty trained during the day. A delightful surprise, since I just assumed we'd be working on this harder/longer into the 3's. They've been pretty consistent since the 4th of July when they were only 32 months old. Joy!

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