Friday, September 25, 2015

yesterday went really well

Surprisingly had no big cravings for foods that aren't part of my planned calories for the day. Didn't really even feel hungry until it was dinner time and I did need to eat. Ate an apple while driving the boys to a playground to run off some energy. That got me through until after we got them in bed and then I had a PB&J sandwich. This morning I had my typical breakfast sandwich and my coffee/creamer, but ready to have a snack if hunger hit - but here I am 5 hours later and no hunger. Very interesting. I mean, I'm looking forward to having some lunch and will do in the next hour, but I'm amazed that I have no hunger or cravings at this point.

About the boys: W brought a plastic yellow car to the playground; G did not. G was very unhappy about this once we got there and begged to go back home to get a car to bring along. I couldn't believe this was such a big deal when we were actually there to run, jump, climb, swing, slide, etc. So, I used my cell phone's clock to set timer alarms for sharing this back and forth. This worked.

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