Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday update

We had a pretty good weekend, even though I'm sick with a cold that's now in my chest & I'm coughing. It's not enough to really keep me down, so the boys & I had adventures at the pumpkin patch on Saturday and zoo on Sunday. J was pretty committed to finishing his "spraying of lacquer on all the windows" project while he still has temps in the 70s. He got mostly done and is finishing up (hopefully!) today. Then on to the next thing. Actually, something really REALLY exciting is that he mentioned yesterday that he got another "no interest for 24 months" offer from Home Depot and suggested that we purchase the pergo/laminate flooring that we want to install in the living room, kitchen, and hallway!  It would be so so so wonderful to be done with the low quality carpet and the tiled kitchen that never could hold the grout. J's installed that tile 3 times and the grout just keeps cracking. We are done with tile and on to the fake-wood look throughout the house (except bedrooms, bathroom, closets.

A weight loss update: Still pressing on! This morning's scale read 202.8 which is nearly 4 pounds down from when I started last Wednesday. No real exercise, besides walking around at the zoo on Sunday and a very short walk while the boys rode bikes in the neighborhood Saturday evening. Which isn't good - but I'm glad I can drop weight even without formal exercise. I also guesstimated calories throughout the weekend, trying to underestimate where possible. It really went well. Didn't feel deprived, yet had good boundaries with the amounts I ate. Ideally I would know the exact amounts and calories of everything I consume and then keep that amount to 1600/day.  But the reality is that this is something I'm truly trying to incorporate into my life. I want to find a way of eating that works for me for the long haul. I struggle because I also want to drop weight as quickly as possible - because, hey, it's fun to see numbers drop and clothing fit loosely! But really I'm not desperately huge. From what I recall, this was about the weight I was when I got married nearly 6 years ago. Still over a hundred pounds down from my high before surgery nearly 7 years ago. And with all of my cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides levels in the normal/ideal range (except the good cholesterol that needs to be increased through exercise), I don't need to be in a hurry health-wise.  Much better to go about this at a normalish pace. We'll see.

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