Monday, February 24, 2014

a really good weekend

I didn't have a panic attack about my class this weekend!  The assignment wasn't as difficult as previous weeks and/or I'm getting used to the rhythm of the class.

I went out for dinner Saturday night with Kris, while Jeff and their kids spent time at our house with our boys and kept Jerry company as he finished cutting/laying tiles in the kitchen.

Yesterday I was able to go grocery shopping/errand running while all 3 boys slept.  :-)  Then came home to cook 3 things for the coming week: tuna hotdish, roasted rosemary/lemon chicken (Thanks, Pioneer Woman!), and slow cooker pork loin

Later on, Jerry and I worked on grouting the tile floor together.  I'd been waiting for that day for a loooong time - and it was finally here!  I love how it looks and it's just so much easier to deal with a finished kitchen floor.  Fun waking up to it this morning.

Meanwhile, I most importantly had a lot of good quality time with the boys interspersed with all of the above.  They've become very generous with hugs and kisses.  I'm loving the huge "arms around my neck, face buried into my shoulder/chest" hugs they're giving me lately.  The 18 month well child visit (in only 2 months - time is flying WAY TOO FAST) will ask whether they can stack blocks.  And since we didn't have blocks, I got some.  And they're loving them.  I also got another book for them - about the monkeys jumping on the bed, because I love that little song.  They're so curious about everything.  I got video last night of them inspecting every angle of the vacuum cleaner and figuring out the length of the cord (W!).  I love these little guys so much.

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