Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the boys

W loves cords.  He is absolutely enamored with them.  Anytime he can find a new one to play with, he does a little "chitter" with excitement.  And then promptly locates the end that is attached to some object and tries to either detach it or drag it along behind him.  And of course is frustrated when that something is too big to drag behind him.  Example: this morning they were up much earlier than usual and so breakfast was finished earlier too - and W wanted to be with me.  I took him to the office where I was working on the computer.  Lo and behold, he was able to flip the paper shredder over and proceeded to try dragging it around by its cord.  He didn't get very far in this endeavor and needless to say was extremely upset when I took it away from him.

For the first time last night, we witnessed both G & W riding their "vehicles" forward instead of backwards and/or instead of essentially walking with the vehicles under/between their legs.  Last night W was driving the rocketship and G was driving the tractor.  Lots of fun in the living room, driving between me & Jerry on opposite sides of the room.

We also took a family trip to Walmart yesterday.  The boys did pretty well, each in a separate cart.  I was with G, since W is typically so attached to me and I want to make sure G doesn't feel left out.  We had to stop by the tricycle department to give the boys a spin on those.  Their legs aren't quite long enough and I'm sure it'll be awhile before they can figure out the pedalling motion anyway.  But it was fun to see the boys sitting on trikes and imagine the future.  

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