Thursday, February 6, 2014

hand foot mouth

So our little G suddenly had a fever yesterday morning and throughout the day it got up to 104.2 and he was looking pretty rough by the time I got home, so I took him right to the walk-in clinic in case it was an ear infection.  The diagnosis: hand-foot-mouth disease.  He'd been drooling a lot, but I assumed it was the molars he's teething right now.  Nope - the doctor looked at his palms and found a rash and saw 2 big sores in the upper back part of his throat.  Poor guy.  He was miserable.  Here's where I'm just amazed: even though the doctor warned us that last night was probably going to be miserable, the first time I heard the monitor was at 5 am when G started a little whimper cry.  He must love sleep/be amazingly good at putting himself back to sleep when he wakes.

This morning his fever was down to 99.9 and he seemed to feel better.  We still gave him Tylenol which he suddenly doesn't like (in the past, he's loved it so much that he's wanted to have some when he's seen W get a dose).  I wonder if it's mouth sores causing him to not want it - strange.

Jerry's update call this morning was that G is playing with W and fever at his diaper change was 98.6.  W's actually had the more interesting morning - he fell off his wooden riding horse and bashed the bottom of his chin.  Jerry says there was a lot of blood, which freaked him out, but it turned out to be just superficial and he doesn't even need a band-aid.

Between the two of them, it's a really good thing we did their pictures @ JCPenneys on Tuesday night, because yesterday & today would not have worked out!

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