Wednesday, September 24, 2014

one month left

Only one month left before we have two 2 year olds on our hands!  I'm really enjoying them so much at this age and while I know there are going to be wonderful things about every age, I'm going to miss our 1 year olds. The one thing I'm looking forward to changing in the next year is their ability to tell us what they want. They've been saying more words lately, but they still often just point at something and do a whining sort of sound. When they're actually able to "use their words" so that I can realistically tell them to do that instead of whining - that will be really nice. 

We did take them out in their cars to walk along the river, feed the ducks, and play at the park yesterday after work. They loved it. G wanted to go really fast in his car, loving it when I'd push him ahead of me and then run to catch up. W didn't really want J to do that for him - I guess he doesn't have the same "need for speed". 

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