Monday, September 22, 2014

the longer I wait to post, the more I avoid writing ANYTHING!

It's been almost 3 weeks since I last wrote and that's just unacceptable!  I did start up my Master of Public Health class during this time and it's been a little challenging - but still...the boys are growing and changing and doing so many amazing & adorable things that I don't want to keep procrastinating.  So here are a few tidbits to get the ball rolling again. I'm planning to write every day for the rest of this month, even if all the post consists of is one sentence. Knowing myself though, once I get writing, the words will flow.

Grandma & I took them to the park one evening last week and spotted a big Little Tykes play kitchen sitting out on the curb. This phenomenon of just leaving stuff for free on the curb for anyone to pick up is new to me since moving from Minnesota. I can't tell yet if it's a local or a state thing, but it's actually really nice. Especially in this case, because I'd been thinking in the back of my mind that the boys would LOVE a play kitchen, especially when winter weather arrives and we need to find a way to entertain them inside.  So this was a BIG score. It's in great condition and has: a sink/faucet, microwave, dishwasher, oven, stove, cupboard, and a little attached side table.  And the boys adore it!  They love to pretend play that they're cooking or washing their hands or putting things away in the cupboard.  So much fun to watch them with that. Of course W's bowl obsession works well with this - he can stack bowls there to his heart's content.

Speaking of bowls, W finally had to let go of his favorite orange bowl that he took everywhere with him. After it broke into pieces on the bathroom tile floor, J used superglue to piece it back together and sanded the rough edges (what a great Daddy!) and it seemed that it would be saved. Alas, it was dropped again and the superglue didn't hold. So we had to say goodbye to the bowl. And W was devastated - it did take a full 3 days of him saying "BOOOOWL" with his lips puckered and sounding like a dog howling (that's the best way I can describe his anguished call for his bowl).  Finally he slowly forgot about it and he's OK now.

We were at the park again yesterday evening and the boys were loving the swings - which is such a change from before!  So I decided to try an "underdog", but not that high - more of a "side dog", I guess - getting them up in the air higher than I've done before and they LOVED it. They laughed and asked for "more"!  Lots of fun.

They also love to run, run, run. It's so cute to watch them run in the park. Their little run is so cute.

Diaper rashes have been BAD - but I think that's because both boys are passionate about the cherry tomatoes we have growing in our garden. They love to pick them and love to eat them. "more! more! more!".  Well, we obviously have to refrain from feeding them tomatoes, because I think the acid is causing the burning bottoms. Not fun.

Lots more I could write, but will wait for tomorrow.

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