Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Living on the Edge

We broke the rules last night. We fed the ducks.  I was nervous about getting caught and didn't like that we were doing something "wrong", but the ducks LOVED the bread and the boys LOVED watching the ducks swarm over to us to eat the bread. So, I guess I have some moral gray.

It was fun for J and I to take them to the river and push them along the path in their little plastic toy cars with the pushing bars.  They has so much more visibility and freedom in those than in their double stroller. Plus, that thing is really heavy & only one of us can push both boys. Their cars are fairly light weight, they have a front "hoods" for storage of fishie crackers and sippy cups, and we can share the load of pushing them. We're going to do this again tonight - we're supposed to have mild fall weather again and J will try to get home from work earlier than last night so that we have time to let them spend time on the playground in addition to being pushed along the river.

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