Tuesday, January 14, 2014

little snippets

W likes to stick his pointer finger out and put it into G's mouth, daring/teasing him to bite it.  Yesterday while I was at work, G actually did.  No lasting damage, but apparently W was very unhappy with this.

G likes to say, "Nyah! Nyah!" which usually seems to mean, "I want that!"  W just now started saying it too, and it seems like an illustration of one twin learning how to talk from the other twin who doesn't have good pronounciation.  Part of why twins are usually slower with learning to talk.  Oh well - whatchya gonna do?

Bathtub time last night.  G wants to drink bathwater which is not a good thing, so I say "no" - constantly, it seems.  He seems obsessed with it, but may also be obsessed with experimenting to see what my reaction is to his action.  Problem with doing this during the bath is that it's difficult/impossible(?) to redirect him to another activity.

Right now G really likes our story time.  He loves to bring me books when I'm sitting on the floor.  He comes over with the book and backs himself into my lap to sit down and rests his head on my chest while I read.  The problem is that while we're doing that, W also wants my attention - but usually not with the same activity and so I feel guilty.  Lots of feeling guilty about dividing my attention between the two of them.  Have to stop feeling that way, since I'm sure they're fine.

We brushed teeth before bed using a regular type toothbrush, but toddler sized, plus toddler tooth"paste" for the first time last night.  It went over really well.  Jerry had W and I had G, and we did it in front of the mirror in the bathroom with no protests at all.

G is slimming down incredibly.  It's amazing to see it, really.  They still seem to have way too big of an appetite for food than what I think is "normal" based on what I read online.  And that bothers me.  It makes me wonder if the majority of experts are wrong, that toddlers aren't going to overeat healthy nutritious food.  G (and W too) get nothing but vegetables, meat/fish/eggs, pasta/rice/toast/dry unsweetened cereal, and unsweetened fruits. Except they do get little wagonwheel "crunchies" that they like to teethe on and crunch.  But these are even not calorie-dense.  3 of them are 25 calories and they very rarely will eat more than 2 - usually are satisfied with 1.  Zero juice, ever.  Zero sweets, cookies, cakes, etc.  We've even taken cheese out of their diet and they get a max of 16 ounces of whole milk daily.  Still, they generally want to eat lots more than what is typically recommended for toddlers.  And they haven't yet had one of those days that the pediatrician warned us to expect where they'll maybe eat a cracker or a piece of toast throughout the day and that's it.  Maybe we've been blessed with boys who have a wide range of nutritious "likes" (they even inhale unsweetened canned beets!) and healthy appetites.  Or - and this of course is what I worry about all the time - they've inherited their parents' desire for food for reasons other than hunger.

G has joined W in the desire for me to play "Muuuuuusic!" and then dance.  So now I've got 50 pounds of toddler in my arms while I dance around the living room with them.  Thankfully they usually seem to be satisfied with 1 or 2 songs of this.  Thank you to short attention spans!

Curious about heights. They rarely stand still, much less stand still right next to each other, but it really seems like W may be actually taller than G.  If so, I have no idea if it's that W has been growing extra-fast lately or that G hasn't been, or a mix of some of that?  Basically, hoping that G hasn't stalled out on growing and it's just that W had a growth spurt.

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