Sunday, January 12, 2014

Overall, a wonderful weekend

Friday night was icy & so we didn't go out for our traditional "Friday Fish Fry" with Grandma & Grandpa.  Instead we stayed home and had an uneventful evening.  The boys played well and had a good time with us.

Saturday morning I got started on all the house stuff that I put off during the week.  Ended up doing 4 loads of laundry & I scrubbed down the kitchen - it needed it!  Then it was off to a jewelry "party" at our friend Sherie's house here in Waukesha.  Jan came with me & niece Sarah got dropped off by her mom and we actually had a pretty good time.  You know at these parties you generally feel like you need to buy something - so I did buy a necklace.  I'm actually kinda excited about it, because it's a locket-style and mine will have the word "blessed" and 4 charms: a "W", a "G", and Jerry's birthstone & my birthstone.

When we got home, Joel & Grady were at the house with Jerry and the boys having fun.  They love chasing Grady around and jumping on Uncle Joel.

This morning we finally got to church after not being there for quite a few weeks.  It's so hard to concentrate on anything going on during the service, because the boys just have a really hard time staying still & quiet for longer than 15 minutes.  I think it's just part of being a 14 month old.  But it was still really good to be there - and we got to sit with Lisa, Jason, and Ethan so that was fun.  I love getting the chance to spend time with little E.

The boys fell asleep in the car on the way home and so I thought it would be easy to change their clothes & diapers, feed them an early lunch, and put them down for a nap.  Nope!  I don't know if they were overtired or just kinda wound up from the church experience, but they really struggled to go down.  Finally G did, but W was still awake when I left them with Jerry to go run errands.  Jerry smoked a turkey in his Traeger smoker and it was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.  I've never ever ever had such moist and flavorful turkey.  Even the breast, which in my experience typically ends up dry, was juicy.  YUMMO.  So Jack & Jan, Joel & Grady came over and we had dinner together.  One of the things I bought today was a plastic ball that's probably a bit smaller than a kickball.  I was thinking the boys might be at the point where they'd enjoy it.  And they do!  We were sitting in a triangle on the floor before dinner: Joel & G, Grady, and me & W, rolling the ball back and forth.  It was a good preview for the huge amount of fun we'll have in the future when the boys are actually capable of rolling the ball by themselves. :-)

I finished up my laundry and put it away before getting out the laptop to write up this post.  It feels good to start the week with everything clean and ready to go.  It doesn't last long!

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