Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bathtime = Happytime

So as of last night, it seems that suddenly W overcame his extreme fear of the bathtub.  I'd planned to do baths last night, given the fact that their last tub adventure was last Wednesday and they were due!  But I'd been dreading dealing with poor W's tears and refusal to sit in the tub.  Well, I did my usual, "Are we ready for the BATH?" and both of them started their giggling & heading to the bathroom.  (For some reason, W has been reacting with excitement about the prospect of a bath and yet still refusing to participate once it came time to go ahead with it, so this reaction last night wasn't anything different).  I planned to get G into the tub and wash him up while allowing W to play in the bathroom - so I babyproofed the room to allow for this.  But shockingly, W was watching G in the tub and looked for me to get him undressed so he could get in too.  So I went with it, and he LOVED it.  He did big BIG splashes and when Grandpa came in mid-bath to see what all the laughter was about, he ended up getting wet all the way from his perch on the toilet.  G followed W's lead with the splashing and my biggest problem ended up being removal of them from the tub!  This was such a fun experience that I briefly thought about asking Grandpa to go get the videocamera so I could document it, but decided to do it another time.  I'll hopefully be able to follow up with a fun bathtime video in a future post.

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